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??The Cream of Burgundy v The Cream of Manchester??

We are celebrating Bastille day weekend by re-creating a mini Judgement of Paris, right here in Manchester.

The Cream of Burgundy v The Cream of Manchester (Ridge). 
On the 15th July these two elegant chardonnays go head to head. You won’t often get the chance to try 1996 Verget Corton-Charlemagne by the glass and that’s the beauty of the Enomatics – a wine which is well over £100 to buy is available to try in a 50ml measure. 

The Cream of Burgundy – a Corton Charlemagne which retails at over £100, is older than our youngest team member!
The Cream of Manchester is the Red Car Chardonnay from Manchester Ridge in California, named after our own Manchester.